Shungite S4 Stickers

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Silver Saturated Shungite Stickers (S4)

The natural EMF mitigation characteristics of Shungite are amplified through it’s saturation with colloidal silver.

Recommended for electronic devices.  Use on phones (cell and cordless), gaming consoles, computers, tablets, WiFi systems etc.   Clean the area before applying the label to the device.  Label peels off paper backing.  It will never need replacing or clearing.  In choosing where to place the sticker, make sure it is NOT blocking any air vents.  It can also be used with electrical devices.

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Shungite S4 EMF stickers

Shungite S4 sticker single $ 18, Shungite S4 sticker 3 pack $ 34.95, Shungite S4 sticker 10 x 3 pack $ 299.95

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