Shungite Fridge and Auto Magnets

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These S4 Shungite Magnets are infused with colloidal silver and cast in resin.  In addition the polarity has been aligned to enhance it’s effects.  Among clients reports are 3 common effects after installing them on their refrigerators:
  • Fridge uses up to 20% less power
  • The food last longer (our experience 100% confirmed this)
  • The food tastes better (while we concur – it is difficult to quantify this..)

If using on refrigerators/freezers, magnets can be placed at any location there is metal to attach to. The Shungite S4-magnetic field purification capability appears to eliminate all toxins from the environment in and surrounding the refrigerator. Your kitchen should feel more comfortable.  In fact, we warn customers to carefully monitor the cold setting as some refrigerators will become colder within hours of having the Shungite Magnet attached. (we had to turn down the fridge 3 times over 2 weeks as food at the back of the fridge began to freeze!)

If you’re placing magnet on a vehicle we suggest from either front-seat simply reaching under-the-dash and letting the magnet adhere to any piece of metal.   Some people report an increase in gas mileage and/or a noticeable attenuation in the electro-magnetic field of their cars.

We offer these magnets in both an oval (28mm x 18mm) and Heart (25mm x 23mm) shapes.  Both can be used interchangeably for either application.

To learn more about the Power of Shungite S4 Magnets click here:


(Note:  These benefits sound almost to good to be true.  Had it not been for our own experience we wouldn’t have believed it!)


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Shungite S4 Magnets

Shungite S4 Oval Magnet $ 51.75, Shungite S4 Heart Magnet $ 51.75

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