Berkey® (NMCL) Lawsuit Against the EPA- Update

Hi Berkey Dealers, 
Each time information is requested by the court for any material to be added, the timeline for a decision is extended or reset. This is the current situation we are under, which isn’t a bad thing. A decision is still on the fast track, and so long as more information is not requested, we should hear some kind of decision within 2-3 weeks about an injunction.   
In the meantime… additional articles have been published by news outlets, please see all relevant links below that we have published in our Blog, as well as links to the original article’s sources. 
CALL TO ACTION: Here is how you can help
Post and share copies of the Press Release of the Lawsuit and links to this interview on your websites, blogs, social media, etc. Utilize your customer email list to send the same message to help bring this issue to the public’s attention. Write or call your governmental representatives (Congressmen and Senators) and provide this same information and ask for their help in reigning in the EPA—and encourage your followers and customers to do the same.