Shungite EMF kits

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In stock


Each kit contains:

–  1 x Elite Type I Shungite stones ( 50 grams) can be used to change electrical signals although to effectively change WiFi Signals the S4 Sticker is required. In addition, Elite shungite is one of the most  powerful antioxidants on the planet, will revitalize the water for pets and people; and can energize natural gas and heating oil systems for safe and more efficient operations.

– 1 x Smart Sticker: changes EMF/WiFi radiation being sent through the house by attaching it to the “Smart” or other electric meter.

– 3 x S4 stickers : these change EM/WiFi fields from electric and electronic equipment. Simply peal off the label holding the S4 Shungite Powder and apply it to the outside of any device.

– 1 x Refrigerator S4 magnet: combine magnetic and Shungite fields to change EM fields of refrigerators of other large electrical devices. The metal refrigerator box allows the Shungite-Magnetic field to work inside to enhance the operation of the refrigerator and clients report energy savings of up to 20%.  Additional benefits are that food typically lasts much longer (and tastes better!)

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