Shungite Stones Type 1 – 50 gms

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In stock


50 gram bag of Shungite Type 1 Elite stones.

These stones are 15 – 30 mm in size and the quantity varies (typically ~ 20 pcs)

We only use Shungite from the Zazhoginskoe mine in the Russian Republic of Karelia.


When placed in water, shungite fullerenes attract and neutralize waterborne contaminants.

Shungite has been documented to have a high oxidative/reductive capacity. Shungite water is known for its antioxidant effects. Natural fullerenes not only have the ability to reduce the concentration of free radicals as no other antioxidant can, but their action is stronger and it lasts longer.
And, as the researchers explain, this is true because the mechanism by which natural fullerenes act is different from other antioxidants. The molecule of a classical antioxidant combines with a free radical to form a resultant harmless molecule through a mechanism of neutralization. In contrast, natural fullerenes act as catalyzers. Thanks to it’s soccer-ball shape, a molecule of natural fullerene attracts free radical that end up stuck to it, covering it’s entire surface. Having numerous free radicals side by side on a fullerene base leads to their molecular transformation into a neutral compound. At the same time, a fullerene does not lose it’s molecular composition and continues to attract free radicals.

Shungite is one of Mother Earth’s finest gifts for cleansing the environment. It works equally well for cleansing the human body. When water made with shungite is consumed, it balances and gently cleanses.

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