Shungite loose beads (strands)

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10 cm square polished shungite tile


Save about 50% by making your own bracelets and necklaces

You receive free stretch cord with every loose bead purchase!

2 videos showing how easy this is:
How To Tie A Bracelet Knot Jewelry Making Tutorial (simple knot with stretch cord)

and if you’d prefer something a little more sophisticated:

The benefit of purchasing Shungite loose bead strands is that it allows you to custom make your own bracelet or necklace specific to your individual requirement.  It allows for infinite creativity to include different bead sizes, other bead types and most importantly the exact size you want.

Fortunately, people can make these beautiful shungite necklaces on their own.  We offer 4 sizes of shungite beads including 6 mm, 8 mm , 10 mm and 12 mm. Our beads are guaranteed to be made of authentic shungite to ensure that you get the maximum health benefits from them.

Shungite bracelets have proven to contribute to your physical and spiritual health and well-beingShungite is now recognized as an adaptogen (Professor Andrievsky of Russia) which in general goes where the body needs it most keeping the energetic balance of your body and soul.

Wrist area is a very sensitive part of our body and the bioactive spots in this area are deeply connected with many systems of your body, including a cardiovascular system, a digestive system, a nervous system, respiratory and immune ones. This is the reason for the shungite bracelets to have the powerful and positive effect over the human energy centers and systems. the shungite bracelets are capable of absorbing and neutralizing everything that can bring harm to a human being and accumulates the live beneficial power instead.

We also offer ready made bracelets on our website:

As well as necklaces:

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Shungite loose beads (strands)

6 mm Shungite bead strand: 69 beads $ 37.95 (.55 / each), 8 mm Shungite bead strand: 50 beads $ 39.50 (.79 / each), 10 mm Shungite bead strand: 40 beads $ 39.60 (.99 / each), 12 mm Shungite bead strand: 33 beads $ 45.87 (1.39 / each)

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