10 cm square polished shungite tile

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What is Shungite ‘Tile’ ?

Firstly, you can use the shungite tile, well, like tile. Covering the walls (and optionally, the floor) with it will comprehensively shield your bathroom or kitchen from the negative influences of these waves. As we understand it there have been at least 14 rooms created worldwide which are entirely covered with Shungite tile. These rooms are often rented out where people sit (or lay down) in the room to experience the concentrated healing & detoxification properties within.

Shungite can be utilized to create a protective environment in your living and working spaces on a smaller scale using pieces of tile. Many of our homes currently include many wireless devices that emit Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF’s): Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, mobile phones, computers, tablets, laptops, and many other devices that we’ve acquired in the interest of ‘convenience’. A piece of shungite tile, used as a stand for some of the smaller devices (or if combined, for bigger ones too) can dramatically decrease the amount of negative waves in your household.  While we don’t recommend keeping any wireless devices in your bedrooms at night, if someone isn’t willing to part with their phones at this time at the least they could be parked on a Shungite tile while sleeping.

As we removed all wireless devices from our home years ago we are utilizing the Shungite tile as coasters for hot or cold beverages as well as food. Any beverage container placed on a Shungite tile immediately begins to experience the transmuting properties of the Shungite. The longer one leaves the cup/glass/thermos/etc on it – the greater the effect. Storing your food, especially natural food like fruits and vegetables will prevent it from spoiling early. (Try it and see for yourselves!)

Another phenomenon that Shungite tile protects you from is the influence of geopathic zones.

Lastly Shungite’s awesome minimalist look fits any style perfectly with it’s exquisite style and look while offering ongoing round the clock protection.

We test ALL our Shungite & guarantee it is authentic.

How to Test Shungite for Authenticity Using a Multimeter (Easiest & Most Reliable Method)


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