Unpolished Shungite Pyramids

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Please note: Due to the Carbon nature of Shungite, there is often a slight black residue that comes off the unpolished pyramids when you touch them.   However this easily washes off your skin with water.  On the plus side, the unpolished pyramids are known to have slightly greater EMF mitigation characteristics than the polished pyramids.

Regular use of a Shungite pyramid is said to balance and regulate your energy field, completely neutralizing it to correct any imbalances while also strengthening and reenergizing it. It is a tool of electromagnetic protection and a contributor to the process of healing electro-sensitivity. It acts as a protector and a transformer of any negative, harmful or electromagnetic energy. Shungite also does not take a charge when exposed to EMFs.

Here are a few recommended ways to use your Shungite Pyramid:

  • Place a pyramid in places where you spend a lot of time during the day (near the bed, on your desk in your office, in your sacred space etc)
  • Place a pyramid near all devices that are sources of various types of radiation—such as your television, computer, microwaves, radio receivers, wi-fi hot spots etc. to neutralize any EMFs.
  • Placing a shungite pyramid in your office is said to increase the work performance and productivity of the people present around them. It creates a field around itself, which improves favorable nervous and emotional conditions to positively effect emotions and moods within the office.
  • You can also use a shungite pyramid, or a shungite plate or stone, for root chakra healing and balancing. They are also used for physical healing. Place a shungite pyramid on a specific area where you want to focus healing energy or a place where you feel pain.

–Shungite information from Regina Martino’s book, Shungite: Protection, Healing & Detoxification

Energy field (EF) radius in meters/feet for the different pyramid sizes:

5 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 2.8 m or 9 ft

7 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 4.5 m or 15 ft

8 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 6.5 m or 21 ft

10 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 10 m or 32 ft

12 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 12 m or 39 ft

15 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 17 m or 55 ft

20 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 22 m or 72 ft

25 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 27 m or 87 ft

We test ALL our Shungite & guarantee it is authentic.

How to Test Shungite for Authenticity Using a Multimeter (Easiest & Most Reliable Method)


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Unpolished Shungite Pyramid

5 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid $ 20, 7 cm unpolished shungite pyramid $ 34, 8 cm unpolished shungite pyramid $ 47, 10 cm unpolished shungite pyramid $ 92, 12 cm unpolished shungite pyramid $ 149, 15 cm unpolished shungite pyramid $ 295

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