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10 cm square polished shungite tile


Will help you:

  • to protect from geopathogetic events;
  • to neutralize electromagnetic waves;
  • to stabilize blood pressure;
  • to correct energy processes;
  • to recharge and to keep vitality in the human body.

Shungite stone virtually ‘feeds’ a person by giving its electromagnetic energy and Mother Earth healing power to them. It improves lymphatic and immune system function, normalizes blood pressure and body functions, and assists the body in self healing.  Wearers report it helps alleviate chronic and acute problems, they feel more relaxed and balanced and that the pendants create a sense of well-being.

Experience these Shungite benefits for yourself!

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Shungite pendants

Donut pendant $ 28, Lens pendant $ 28, Flower of Life pendant $ 22, Buddha pendant $ 22, Point pendant $ 42, Pendulum pendant $ 45, Pendant w/ .925 silver chain $ 69

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