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A Shungite powder pad is a great remedy for lots of diseases that is always within your reach. If you test the extraordinary properties of shungite once, you’ll get immediately the reason why it is called the magic non-earthly mineral.

Shungite is a natural mineral that contains a unique globular molecular structure that was only discovered a few decades ago.  Shungite’s virtues include: behaving as one of the most powerful and long-acting antioxidants as a means to fight free radicals as well as offering significant EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) mitigation properties.  “Shungite cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and even stimulates growth. Amazing rock: it kills and devours anything that harms people and other living beings, and concentrates and restores all that is good”                                                                                                                    ( A. Doronina “Shungite – the stone-savior“)

This mineral has a favorable effect over the human body condition: it stops the inflammatory processes, relieves pains, cleans and revitalizes the nervous system.

Shungite is really an extraordinary mineral: it’s a mysterious black gem which is capable of eliminating anything causing harm to our body and multiply, concentrate and recover everything that is useful for it. Shungite therapy overdosing is impossible: absolutely healthy people can use this powder pad without any worries and concerns. As for a list of ailments and diseases this magic mineral from Karelia can cope with, it’s quite long and impressive:

  • Musculoskeletal system disorders (osteochondrosis, spondylosis, spinal disk herniation, radiculitis, arthrosis, arthritis, etc.);
  • Medical diseases (cholecystitis, nephrolithiasis, GIT diseases, hemorrhoid, etc.);
  • Genitourinary system disorders (prostatitis, adenoma, agenesia, sexual disorders, etc.);
  • Varicosity;
  • Decrease in immunity, general fatigability, depressions;

and well as many other medical problems.

The shungite powder pad can be applied to any sore areas on the body.  The effectiveness of the powder is superior to that of other shungite items such as the healing balls or the pyramids.

2 Shungite powder pad options: 

Large 9″ (23 cm) x 5″ (13 cm) – 250 grams of Shungite powder

Medium 6″ (15 cm) x 4″ (10 cm) – 125 grams of Shungite powder

These are double sealed (partial vacuum for maximum flexibility and material retention) in 6 ml plastic.

The Shungite powder pads increase blood flow, activate metabolic processes and well as reduce tissue puffiness and pain.  The regular use of this pad results into better general physical and mental state for weather sensitive people, higher vital energy level, vivacity and good spirits.  2-3 sessions of 20-40 minutes a day will provide observable benefits.

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