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2 oz bottle of premium red testing fluid.  Bottle includes convenient eye dropper for precise measurement.

Red Food coloring ingredients:
Ingredients: Water, Propylene Glycol, FD&C Reds 40 and 3, and 0.1% Propylparaben (Preservative).  This is 100% artificial and contains no natural ingredients which is considered ideal for testing Black Berkey filters.   McCormicks USA brand (which differs from it’s Canadian counterpart) has been identified by US distributors as the most reliable coloring available for this test.

The Canadian Club House brand of red food coloring contains citric acid which is a natural ingredient (considered a beneficial mineral) which the Berkey filters allow to pass through.   The Club House has proven itself to be unreliable when testing filters particularly when the filters are more than 12 months old.

In June 2023 Berkey revised it’s suggested ratio for testing the black filters to 1/8 teaspoon (~15 drops) per 1 US gallon of water.  This 2 oz bottle contains 12 teaspoons – enough for ~ 50 tests (~ lifetime supply) on a Big Berkey.

Including a bottle of this testing fluid is a prudent add-on with the purchase of any new Berkey or replacement filters.

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