Shungite Type II stones 100 grams

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In stock


100 gram bag of Type II Shungite nuggets.

We only use Shungite from the Zazhoginskoe mine in the Russian Republic of  Karelia.

​The following are applications of Shungite energy enhancement:

– take 4 inches of duct tape and put 3 nuggets end-to-end on the sticky side. Wrap this in a spiral so the nuggets touch the pipe of either the cold water intake to the hot water heater or on the outside pipe where your main water supply comes into the house.  It does not matter if the pipe is PVC, Copper or galvanized. This same procedure can be used on the natural gas pipe coming into your home or taped to the heating oil tank with the nuggets against the metal.
– 3 nuggets in the toilet tank will aid in keeping toilet bowl clean.
– EMF system: (up to 1/2 oz) on device constantly on like a cable box, router, clock radio, smart meter
– 3 nuggets will energize drinking water for pets & people
– 3 nuggets inside toilet TANK keeps toilet bowl cleaner
These solutions are based upon the positive energy field emitted by the nuggets.

Other applications reported by clients:

  • Place 200 – 5oo grams into water cisterns to prevent algae from growing
  • Place near entrances of Bee Hives  (production goes up and the color of the honey changes to golden!)
  • Place in soil around plants or trees.  (particularly helpful in sickly/distressed plants and trees)
  • Hang in laundry bag in hot tubs (prevent algae from growing)

While Type II shungite is commonly used for enriching drinking water, there are several sources suggesting the Type I stones are superior (98% carbon with very low impurities). See:

We test ALL our Shungite & guarantee it is authentic.

How to Test Shungite for Authenticity Using a Multimeter (Easiest & Most Reliable Method)


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