NETGEAR Powerline 2000Mps Adapter Set (PLP2000-100PAS)

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Expand your home’s internet network capabilities with the NETGEAR Powerline 2000Mps adapter set. It utilizes existing electrical outlets to connect your smart TVs, streaming players, and game consoles, delivering spectacular 4K HD video and lag-free action on even your most intense video games. Simply push a button for quick, easy set up.

  • Extend internet access in your home by plugging this adapter set your existing electrical outlets
  • Connect smart TVs, streaming players, and game consoles to experience stunning 4K HD video and lag-free, action-packed gaming
  • 2000Mbps maximum throughput with a 500m maximum range
  • Sets up easily by simply pushing a button
  • Includes 2 noise-filtered power outlets for expanded network capabilities without creating electrical interference


Number of Bands:  1
Maximum Throughput:  2000 Mbps
Maximum Range:  500 m
Beamforming:   No
Quality of Service (QoS) Controls:  No
Wireless Access Point:  No
Number of Ethernet Ports:  2
Pass-Through:  Yes
Colour:  White
Width:  13.36 cm (5.26 in)
Height:  7.19 cm (2.83 in)
Depth:  3.78 cm (1.49 in)
Weight:  226 g (1/2 lb)

What’s included:

  • Two (2) Powerline 2000 + Extra Outlet
  • Adapters (PLP2000)
  • Two (2) Ethernet Cables
  • Quick Start Guide

Opinion:  When we first got these i thought there would be significant signal degradation but I was pleasantly surprised at how well these work.  These do depend on properly installed wiring to achieve peak performance.

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